Prices vary a lot online

Did you know that the same item is often available on many other sites at very different prices? If you were buying this Kurta on Flipkart, you would have paid Rs. 700 more. That's almost 100% more!

Same product. Different names. Different prices

What if you were buying Sarees instead. Good question. If you were buying this on Voonik, you would have paid Rs. 411 more.

Google will not help you

OK, but what about Dresses? Same thing! The same item is Rs. 546 cheaper on Amazon than on Flipkart. And it's under a different name, so good luck using Google to search for it.

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Get Dittory in your browser with a single click. Once you get it, you will see the best possible price for an item while you are shopping. So if you are on Amazon and looking at a product, Dittory will tell you if it cheaper somewhere else. Here are some examples of Dittory in action. Dittory works on many other categories, even watches and bags.

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Here's how Dittory works. Once you install it and start looking at products, Dittory will automatically find the same product or very similar products and show them on the side. It's dead simple. Why don't you install it, give it a spin? Don't like it, just remove it and send us a nasty email 😊 We are sure you will LOVE it.

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With Dittory you can also save money by automatically applying coupons. No more hunting on Google for coupons. Dittory will automatically find all the coupons and show them to you.

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